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Easter Island Wants To Secede From Chile

Chile Prominent families would rather be considered part of Oceania, but official says territory needs mainland support Would-be separatists resent what ...Chile and transfer allegiance to Polynesian states in a row over land rights and immigration. Prominent families from the indigenous Rapa ...Chile is part of the American continent and we are
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Patagonia – bon voyage

Chile after only one week of the two week cruise. From there we?ll make our way overland north up thru Chile?s ...immigration Argentina charges the US a ?reciprocity? entry fee. We?re lucky enough to be one of only 3 countries that get
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Yahoo! Answers: Why do Westerners think they are the only ones with Immigration?

Brazil has immigrants from everywhere and has always been multicultural, so has Chile for the matter. Malaysia has always had many races and ethnic groups living there as well. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have half of their population as immigrants who do much of the work for the natives. Jamaica and other countries of the Carribean have historically
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Questions: Immigration from India to South America?

Does anybody know about details for immigrating to Chile or Argentina from India? This is specifically in regard to work. I am just curious as we always have questions about immigration to USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. Never anything about say Argentina or
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European Settlers in Argentina and Chile (Latin America)

Swiss, German, and Welsh settlers in Patagonia (south
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Chilean Entrepreneurship Will Change The World

In march 1855 the Chilean Government sent Vicente Perez Rosales to Europe, he was in charge of organizing and executing the immigration of Germans to awake the southern lands.

Many arrived attracted by the promise of new opportunities. Free individual initiative and the application of brain, bone and muscle ended with an amazing economic,

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0828#29 Protest in Chile

Easter Island off the coast of Chile, is the home of the famous Moai statues that attract thousands of tourists every year. On the 15th of August, descendants of the Napanui people who carved the massive head sculptures have blocked the only international airport on the island, protesting what they say is a lack of immigration
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Chop-Shop Workers and Bootstrappers: Chile Really Wants You

Vivek Wadhwa, a visiting scholar at the School of Information at UC-Berkeley and Harvard Law Senior Researcher, promoted Start-Up Chile in an article written on August 21, 2010 published in TechCrunch that highlighted the underlying notions of the program and how Chile is striding ahead of other developed nations in terms of being
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YouTube: Defending Victor Toro

Victor Toro a Chilean National and co-founder of the MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement), who was disappeared then tortured by the US-sponsored bloody fascist dictator Pinochet in 1973. After being released from a concentration camp prison in 1976, he was forced to leave his homeland and was given an exit only passport. In 1978, the illegitimate
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How much will it cost to translate a 56-page legal document (police record)? I n

I need to have an official translation done on my husband's police record (for a very, very minor offense when he was a teenager). It is unbelievably long (and very repetitive). We need it in less than 5 days for his immigration interview. It has taken so long to actually get the record from Chile that we are left with less than a week to get the
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